John Danaher – Half Guard: BJJ Fundamentals (Go Further Faster)

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The Most Comprehensive Instructional On The Half Guard Ever Created – By The World’s Best Jiu-Jitsu Coach: John Danaher

  • “The Older You Are – The More You Need To Be Using Half Guard” – John Danaher
  • The best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach in the world, is here with the newest installment of his groundbreaking Go Further, Faster Fundamentals series
  • Study John’s Central Principles of Half Guard & Learn How To Apply Them
  • In systematic detail, learn the technique and strategy behind championship level Half Guards, including the off-balances, sweeps, and back takes, that make this a fully comprehensive positional series: Over 8 Hours Of Content!
  • Know More. Win More.


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