Gordon Ryan – Systematically Attacking The Turtle Position

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Systematically Break Down The Turtle Position With Gordon Ryan’s Signature Back Take Series – 2019 ADCC Double Champion Gordon Ryan Shows His Step-By-Step Method For Attacking The Turtle Position And Getting To The Bac

  • On this eight-volume series, learn the key fundamentals that Gordon exploits, how he sets traps for his opponents, his handfighting systems, and how he sinks his hooks in for back control
  • Gordon has become notorious for getting to his opponents backs and sinking in fight ending strangles, even against elite competition
  • In his eight wins at ADCC, he won five with a strangle from the back
  • Gordon Ryan, and the entire team under Professor John Danaher, is known for a very step-by-step approach to grappling that is easy to understand and as precise as possible
  • Get the important strategy and execution from the mind of Gordon himself as he rolls with grappler after grappler using this turtle system

What’s included:

Volume 1:

  • Intro to Turtle Position
  • Writing The Rulebook – BJJ Versus Wrestling
  • Classification Of Upper Body Grips
  • Breaking Your Partner Down From A Closed Turtle To Side Control
  • Closed Turtle To Seated Head And Arm
  • Submission Overview From Seated Head And Arm
  • Partner Falls To Elbow Utilizing Wrist And Claw Grips
  • Understanding The Importance Of Diagonal Control
  • Inserting First Hook And Obtaining Diagonal Control
  • “Following An Opponent Through A Roll “

Volume 2:

  • Cross Body Ride Entrance With No Wrist Control
  • Followup Breakdown To 2nd Hook Insertion
  • Inserting 2nd Hook On Talented Opponent
  • Inserting 2nd Hook When Partner Opens Turtle
  • Introduction To The Power Half Nelson
  • Breaking Your Partner Down With The Power Half
  • Using A Power Half To Counter Standups
  • “Transitioning To Juji Gatame “
  • Transitioning To Triangle Variations
  • Recapping Closed Turtle

Volume 3:

  • Intro To Attacking The Open Turtle
  • Inserting A Hook When Partner Opens Their Turtle
  • Introduction To Reverse Tight Waist
  • Entering Cross Body Ride From Reverse Tight Waist
  • Completing Back Takes From Cross Body Ride
  • Calf Slice From Cross Body Ride
  • Hammer Lock From Cross Body Ride
  • Freestyle Guillotine From Cross Body Ride
  • Cross Body Ride Back Take
  • Countering Reverse Tight Waist Defense

Volume 4:

  • Understanding The Open Elbow/Closed Elbow Dilemma
  • Knocking Your Opponent To A Hip With Back Head And Arm
  • Back Head And Arm Roll Through
  • Using A Strangle To Break Partner Down
  • Using A Half Nelson/Claw GripTo Insert Near Side Hook
  • Breaking Down An Opponent With Near Side Wrist Control
  • Inserting Hooks Using Double Wrist Ride/Rear Body Lock
  • Addressing An Opponent Who Tries To Stand From Rear Body Lock

Volume 5:

  • Introduction To Crucifix
  • Trapping Near Arm With Inside Wrist Grip
  • Transitioning To Crackdown And Taking The Back
  • Phoenix Eye
  • Rolling Your Partner Through With A Strangle
  • Knocking Your Partner Over And Finishing On The Back
  • Addressing Proper Leg Position
  • Using Juji Gatame To Counter Opponent’s Post Hand
  • Breaking Your Partner Down With A Forward Roll
  • Exploiting The Low Hips/High Hips Dilemma
  • Overview Of Intelligent Defensive Reactions

Volume 6:

  • Countering Near Side Shoulder Roll
  • Countering Maki Komi Roll
  • Countering Maki Komi Roll With Leg Trapped
  • Countering An Outside Leg Standup
  • Countering An Inside Leg Standup
  • Recap And Outro

Volume 7:

  • Rolling Breakdown Intro
  • Turtle Position with Placido Breakdown Commentary
  • Turtle Position with Giancarlo Breakdown Commentary
  • Turtle Position with Ben Breakdown Commentary
  • Turtle Position with Mike Breakdown Commentary
  • Turtle Position with Placido 2 Breakdown Commentary
  • Turtle Position with Giancarlo 2 Breakdown Commentary and Rolling Breakdown Conclusion

Volume 8:

  • Roll with Placido
  • Roll with Giancarlo
  • Roll with Ben
  • Roll with Mike
  • Roll with Placido
  • Roll with Giancarlo


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