Gordon Ryan – Systematically Attacking The Back

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Gordon Ryan teaches every detail behind his signature submission system, including the rear naked strangle that he has used to submit some of the best on Earth.

  • Watch Gordon break down gym footage to talk you through the techniques and system in real-time.
  • Learn the back attack system developed together by Gordon and his coach, Professor John Danaher, to create Gordon’s one-of-a-kind combos of strangles, arm locks, triangles, and more.
  • Gordon is fresh off of ADCC 2019, where he won double gold and strangled five elite black belts with these exact details.
  • Gordon Ryan has used this system nearly exclusively the last few years, including dozens of submission wins as a black belt.
  • Know More. Win More.

What’s included:

Volume 1:

  • Introduction
  • Exploiting the Body’s Asymmetry Introduction
  • Control Mechanisms
  • Importance of Diagonal Control
  • Underhook Side vs Overhook Side
  • Goal Setting Offensively
  • Goal Setting Offensively (Grip Fighting)
  • Goal Setting Defensively
  • Overview of Upper Body Grips
  • Introduction to Control On the Overhook Side
  • Recovering Bottom Hook (Long Hook)
  • Recovering Bottom Hook (Short Hook)
  • Countering a Complete Hip Escape

Volume 2:

  • Utilizing Butterfly Hook When Opponent Clears Top Hook
  • Switching Off to High Ball Ride
  • Re-Inserting Hook From High Ball Ride
  • Overview of Escaping Head First on Over Hook Side
  • Understanding the Interface Between Underhook and Over Hook Side
  • Countering a Two on One Escape with a Claw Grip
  • The Kata Gatame Back Exposure Dilemma
  • Countering a Two on One with a Half Claw
  • Countering a Full Elbow Slip
  • Using an Arm Drag to Counter a Full Escape
  • Understanding the Rear Chest Lock
  • Re-Capturing Head Position Through Claw Grip Variation

Volume 3:

  • Intro to undertook side
  • Opponent clears bottom hook
  • Re attacking with good head position
  • Reiterating the seated head and arm
  • Countering opponents elbow wedge
  • Introduction to opponent clearing top hooks
  • Using a butterfly hook to enter post rear mount
  • Understanding the differences between highball ride underhook vs overhook side
  • Using gripping strategies to counter opponents knee post
  • Countering successful knee post from highball ride
  • Countering when opponent successfully turtles

Volume 4:

  • Introduction to escaping the under-hook side – upper body
  • Using far wrist to recover head positioning
  • Recovering head position when you loose the far wrist
  • Using a butterfly hook to reclaim head position
  • Recapturing the back via kimura
  • Understanding the value of cross body ride
  • Reclaiming the back from Cross body ride
  • Freestyle Guillotine from cross body ride
  • Hammerlock from cross body ride
  • Attacking the legs from a cross body ride

Volume 5:

  • Explains offensive and defensive elbow pummeling
  • Extraction and reinsertion method to counter elbow pummel
  • Using a cross wrist to counter elbow pummels
  • What to do when opponent forces two strangle hands
  • Explaining the hip height problem/ theory of neck pummeling
  • Introduction to finishing from the back
  • Recapping under hook vs over-hook side
  • Straight wrist grips vs cross wrist grips
  • The dilemma between trapping the hands and attacking the neck
  • The inherent flaw of one on one grips
  • Proper head positioning while strangling
  • Multi-directional grip breaking
  • Ten finger grip break
  • How to properly lock a strangle
  • Using a finger walk to counter secondary hand interference
  • Countering secondary hand thumb line grab
  • Countering partners primary hand grab
  • Eliminating partners primary hand via leg trap
  • Two ways of trapping hands

Volume 6:

  • Intro to attacking from the under-hook side
  • Using a single cross wrist grip to trap a hand
  • Single cross double cross dilemma
  • Strangle/double cross trilema
  • Using a inside wrist grip to trap a arm
  • Using a inside wrist grip to switch to a cross grip
  • Countering the secondary defensive hand with a opportunistic trap
  • Understanding top pummels
  • Using top pummels to acquire a double cross
  • Mindset behind finishing from the Under-hook side
  • Getting underneath the chin
  • Garrote
  • Mandible strangle
  • Outro

Volume 7:

  • Roll 1 with Giancarlo Commentary
  • Roll 2 with Placido Commentary
  • Roll 3 with Ben commentary
  • Roll 4 with Giancarlo commentary
  • Roll 5 with Placido commentary

Volume 8:

  • Roll 1 with Giancarlo
  • Roll 2 with Placido
  • Roll 3 with Ben
  • Roll 4 with Giancarlo
  • Roll 5 with Placido


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