Gordon Ryan – Systematically Attacking From Closed Guard

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Gordon Ryan Reveals His System To Dominate From The Closed Guard – No Gi – Even With Only 1 Fully Working Leg – Gordon Relied On This Guard To Dominate The Legendary Blue Basement Upon Returning After Surgery When He Could No Longer Rely On His Athleticism – You Can Use This System No Matter How Old Or Un Athletic You Are

  • Learn Gordon Ryan’s comprehensive closed guard system for sweeping and submitting at the highest level
  • The IBJJF and ADCC World Champion explains in precise detail how to dominate one of BJJ’s most powerful positions
  • This system was developed by Gordon Ryan, his professor John Danaher, and his teammates at Renzo Gracie NYC
  • These fundamentals and concepts will improve both your closed guard and your entire BJJ game overall
  • Know More. Win More.

What’s included:

Volume 1:

  • Introduction
  • Side Scissor to Back Take
  • Side Scissor to Juji Gatame
  • Side Scissor to Rear Triangle
  • Side Scissor to Pendulum Sweep
  • Pendulum Sweep into Front Triangle

Volume 2:

  • Pendulum Sweep into Wrong Way Triangle
  • Opponent Pulled out of Triangle – Enter The Legs
  • Attempted Leg Entry Back to Triangle
  • Attempted Pendulum to Flower Sweep
  • Arm Drag to Back Take
  • Arm Drag to Lat Juji
  • Misdirection to Opposite Side Pendulum
  • Arm Drag to Knee Lever

Volume 3:

  • Top Lock to Arm Bar
  • Addressing The Stack Problem
  • Successful Stack Into the Legs
  • Addressing the Pullout Problem
  • Figure Four Top Lock to Arm Bar
  • Wrist Control to Arm Bar
  • Wrist Control to Arm Bar (Grip Variation)
  • Wrist Control to Arm Bar (Opponent Steps Leg Up)
  • Opponent Steps Leg Up – Flower Sweep

Volume 4:

  • Partner Defends Flower Sweep To Kata Gatame Counter
  • Knee Pull To Pinch Headlock
  • Pinch Headlock to The Back
  • Pinch Headlock to Flower Sweep
  • Opponent Defends Flower Sweep Switch to Sumi Gaeshi
  • Pinch Headlock to Knee Lever
  • Pinch Headlock to the Clamp
  • Clamp to Ude Gatame

Volume 5:

  • Failed Ude Gatame to Back Take 
  • Failed Ude Gatame to Arm Bar 
  • Knee Pull To Overhook (Clamp) 
  • Overhook Clamp to Lat Juji 
  • Overhook Clamp to Kimura 
  • Overhook Clamp to Omoplata
  • Omoplata Into Legs 
  • Overhook Clamp to Triangle
  • Overhook Clamp to Te Gatame 
  • Intro to Reverse Figure 4 Grip 
  • Reverse Figure 4 to Clamp 
  • Reverse Figure 4 Elbow Pass

Volume 6:

  • Knee Pull To Kimura
  • Hip Bump Sweep to Triangle 
  • Opponent Stands – Top Lock to Arm Bar 
  • Opponent Stands Figure 4 Top Lock to Arm Bar 
  • Counter to Standing Opponent – Knee Insertion
  • Handstand Sweep (Vertical Posture)
  • Handstand Sweep to Triangle 
  • Handstand Sweep to Arm Bar 
  • Failed Handstand Sweep – Enter The Legs 
  • Double Ankle Sweep
  • Failed Double Ankle – Enter The Legs
  • Closing

Volume 7:

  • Roll 1 
  • Roll 2 
  • Roll 3 
  • Roll 4 
  • Roll 5

Volume 8:

  • Introduction
  • Roll 1 Commentary 
  • Roll 2 Commentary 
  • Roll 3 Commentary
  • Roll 4 Commentary 
  • Roll 5 Commentary
  • Final thoughts


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