Gordon Ryan – My Evolution Your Revolution

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Get Inside The Mind Of Gordon Ryan As He Teaches The Systems And Strategies Behind His Historic ADCC Double Gold Performance

  • Learn How To Pull Off Every Major Move That Gordon Used At ADCC 2019 – He Shows You Step By Step: You Can Do This
  • In an unprecedented series, follow Gordon Ryan’s dominant ADCC run as he shows the techniques and strategies behind his double gold performance
  • Now he breaks down every match, moment by moment, with commentary and then technical breakdowns of the dominant performances on this 8-volume series.
  • Learn the systems that have made Gordon Ryan the best no-gi grappler on Earth, including the back attacks he used to rack up 5 wins against elite opponents and cement himself as one of the best submission hunters ever.

What’s included:

Volume 1:

  • Introduction
  • Ben Hodgkinson Match
  • Ben Hodgkinson Breakdown

Volume 2:

  • Tim Spriggs Match – Initial Sumi Gaeshi / Ashi Garami Entrance
  • Tim Spriggs Breakdown
  • Tim Spriggs Match (Cont.) Attempted Back Take / Gordon’s Back Take
  • Tim Spriggs Breakdown 2

Volume 3:

  • Lucas Barbosa Match
  • Lucas Barbosa Breakdown

Volume 4:

  • Vinicius Gazola Match – First 2 Takedowns and Pass to Mount
  • Vinicius Gazola Breakdown
  • Vinicius Gazola (cont.)
  • Vinicius Gazola Breakdown – Backtake and Finish

Volume 5:

  • Pedro Marinho Match
  • Pedro Marinho Breakdown
  • Garry Tonon Match
  • Garry Tonon Breakdown

Volume 6:

  • Lachlan Giles Match – Leg Exchange and Guard Pass
  • Lachlan Giles Breakdown

Volume 7:

  • Lachlan Giles (Cont.)
  • Lachlan Giles Breakdown 2 – Mounting Lachlan and Isolating an Arm
  • Lachlan Giles Match (Cont.) – Back Take and Finish
  • Lachlan Giles Breakdown 3

Volume 8:

  • Mindset Behind Buchecha Match
  • Buchecha Match
  • Buchecha Breakdown – Analyzing the Shoulder Crunch Sumi Gaeshi
  • Buchecha Match (cont.)
  • Buchecha Breakdown 2 – Buchechas Guard Play
  • Buchecha Match (Cont.)
  • Buchecha Breakdown 3 – Takeaways From Buchecha Match
  • Closing


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